1981 Datsun by Nissan 280 ZX Turbo Targa Grand Luxury

Back to the 80’s, it’s TURBO time!


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This is an original Datsun 280ZX Turbo Targa

In the 80s there was no cooler badge a car could have than one that said “Turbo,” preferably in a futuristic font of course and plastered all over the back, sides, front, and interior of the car so no one could ever mistake it for one of those plebeian naturally aspirated vehicles.

This turbo version offers 180 bhp at 5,600 rpm and 203 lb ft of torque – compared to the naturally aspirated 280ZX’s 145 bhp and 156 lb ft.

This 280ZX is fitted with MacPherson struts up front and semi-trailing arm independent suspension in the rear, both with standard tubular shock absorbers. Front and rear discbrakes, with vented discs up front and solid discs out back.

As was common at the time the 280ZX Turbo used a single turbocharger and no intercooler. A Garrett AiResearch TB03 turbocharger (with an internal wastegate) was used and boost was limited to a relatively low 6.8 psi (0.47 bar).

The engine itself is largely the same as the unit used on the non-turbo version, it’s an inline-six with a single overhead cam and two valves per cylinder. The displacement is 2,753cc and the engine uses electronic fuel injection.

One key difference between the two engines, other than the addition of the turbocharger of course, is the fitment of lower compression dished aluminum pistons with a 7.4:1 compression ratio.

This 280ZX has an 3-speed automatic transmission.

A number of external changes were made to the car to let people know you had the desirable turbo model including turbo alloy wheels, uprated tires, and plenty of turbo badges. The suspension was also slightly stiffer than on the standard car.

This 280ZX lived all of his life in sunny and dry New Mexico! So, no rust issues at all. Unfortunately the paint was faded due to the sun so we decided to apply new paint and striping in the original 2-tone scheme. It’s highly detailed and look great! We also have the ‘original’ aluminum rear window louver if you are realy a 80’s enthousiast.

We did some extensive maintenance too, and with 2-year APK and new tires it’s ready to go!

If you are looking for an original 280 ZX Turbo Targa, this is it!


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Year 28-02-1981
Brand Datsun – Nissan
Model 280ZX Turbo Targa

Engine and Transmission

Engine Type L6
Engine Size 2.753 ltr.
Estimated HP 180 pk
Transmission type 3-speed automatic



Interior Color Blue
Seating Type Buckets
Seat Material Velours


Restoration Status Original, new paint
Awards Summary Good quality



Body Style Coupe / targa
Doors 2
Body Color Metallic blue